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Our Process

What Is Our Design Process?

1. Schedule An Appointment (6-12+ Months Before Your Event)

We meet by appointment to give each client our undivided attention. We are happy to arrange a meeting time that works best with your schedule - weekdays, evenings and weekends. Please call or text 818-590-3319 or email us at to schedule an appointment.


2. Let's Get Creative! 

We start with a complimentary 60 - 90-minute initial design meeting to learn more about you and your event vision. Together we will talk about your specific needs, explore color palettes and samples, and offer event day design ideas for creating and coordinating your perfect event. Following your design meeting, we will prepare a proposal for you which includes a detailed invoice, timeline,  and contract.


3. Reserve Your Event Date on Our Schedule

To begin your order and reserve your date on our schedule, please: 1) Review your itemized invoice 2) Proved a 50% payment 3) review and return your signed contract.  The deposit is non-refundable and pays for all custom design time, proofing, and materials.


4. Our Invitation & Event Day Item Proof Process

Your project includes 1 (one) digital PDF proof of each item based on the design consultation plus up to 2 rounds of proof changes. Any additional proof changes after the 2nd round is an extra $100 per round. Please carefully review each item in your proof set. Our designers will do a basic review of your text, but the final inspection of all spelling and information is your responsibility. We must receive proof approval in writing and payment for your invoice balance to begin print production. Your written approval (by email) and balance payment confirms that you have reviewed and approve all materials and quantities, as well as the design, spelling and accuracy of content. All items will be printed exactly as shown on the approved proof. Changes requested after final proof approval will be charged $100 and will require a new proof. Additional fees may also be charged if new plates and materials are required.

What Invitation Options Do We Offer? 

We offer Original Design Custom Invitations, Existing Custom Designs, and  Ready To Order Invitations. Each option has its own timing, options, process, and price point.

  • Original Design Custom Invitations - are best described as high end, completely custom designs such as boxed invitations. We often use specialty materials such as imported papers, fabric, leather, wood, acrylic, etc, and print in foil, letterpress, laser cut, embossing, etching, and hand calligraphy. The average turnaround time is 4-8 weeks from time of proof approval, and must be scheduled at least 6-12 months in advance. Please contact us to schedule a design meeting at our Montrose design studio.

  • Existing Custom Designs - This option offers a simple more affordable approach to selecting a custom design. With our existing design option, the design elements are set, and we personalize your chosen design with your favorite fonts, ink colors, paper colors, and printing style. The average turnaround time is 3 weeks from time of proof approval. Please contact us to schedule a time to browse our existing custom designs in our Montrose design studio.

  • Ready To Order Invitations - are best described as our quick turnaround option which includes designs from our online store. The average turnaround time is 4-10 business days to produce. This is our most affordable option. Please browse and order online or contact us to view them in person at our Montrose design studio.

5. Printing & Production Time

The average invitation production time is 3-4 weeks after proof approval has been received, but production times may take longer for complex projects and during high volume times. If scheduling permits, rush service may be available for an additional fee. If the scope of your design should change dramatically during the proof process, a new cost proposal must be approved, and a new timeline may need to be established. Event day item production starts 1 month before your event date and personalized item printing (escort cards, place cards, etc.) is scheduled for the week of your event to allow time to manage last minute guests attendance changes.  


6. How To Submit Your Guest List

Your final guest list for envelope addressing must be submitted on or before proof approval. Late guest list submissions will cause the order to be delayed. Please download and fill in our Excel spreadsheet template (will be emailed to you with your invoice and contract) to submit 1 (one) single Excel spreadsheet formatted according to our guest list submission instructions. Should you need to make corrections or additions after your initial list has been submitted, you must send a new updated spreadsheet to replace your original one. Updates received in the body of an email cannot be accepted. Guest lists will be printed exactly as submitted. Our designers will do a basic review of your guest list, but the final inspection of all spelling of names and addresses is your responsibility. Please carefully review your guest list to ensure accuracy before emailing it to us. For best results, please follow the guidelines in our guest list submission instructions, and remember to follow proper etiquette by spelling out states and streets - California, not CA and Street, not ST. Please contact us for etiquette advice if you have questions.

7. Order Pick Up / Delivery Instructions

Your order will be ready for in-store pick-uplocal delivery, or FedEx shipping. Please wait for email or text confirmation that your order is ready then let us know your preferred pick-up/delivery day and time so we can schedule your appointment. 

8. Mailing Instructions

We recommend taking 1 stuffed envelope to the post office for a postal clerk to check the following to advise on the correct amount of postage needed to mail your invitations:

  •  1. check weight

  •  2. check envelope size / measurements

  •  3. check thickness - USPS has a special cardboard slot to test thickness. If the envelope does not go through it will need extra postage.

  •  4. check "bendability" -  non-bendable = non-machineable and will require extra postage / special handling.


Mailing Pro Tips:

  • When in doubt, we recommend adding extra postage to help ensure that none of your invitations are returned for insufficient postage.

  • International mailings will automatically require extra postage. Check each international address to confirm required postage.

  • Get a 2nd opinion - when all of your invitations are stamped and ready to mail, hand them directly to a postal clerk and check again to make sure you have the correct amount of postage on your envelopes.

  • Sometimes mail gets lost, delayed or returned. Please order extra invitations to replace / re-mail as needed.

9. Event Day Details and Design

Building on what we created together during your initial design consultation and invitation process, we will coordinate the design, production, timeline, delivery, and installation of every event day detail for you.

10. Cheers To You and Your Special Event! 

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